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Natasha Lee~
4 June 1981

Although some of my posts are public, the private ones aren't. Please comment to be added, if you want to read the private stuff...


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Natasha Lee is a singer/pianist who is currently working on her first full length album. She released The Girls a six-song instrumental e.p. in 2006. Natasha is also interested in drawing, photography, film & animation, web design and digital art. Please visit The Girls here.
Strengths: Compassionate, loving, kind, funny, friendly, understanding, hard to anger
Weaknesses: Procrastination, indecisive, too hard working, too stressed out
Special Skills: Administrating websites, playing music by ear, playing several instruments: piano, guitar, bass, percussion, some synths
Weapons: Love
Natasha, Please explain your username: My username is kinda funny. A lot of people think that it means The Tiss. Well, it doesn't. I tried to set myself up with the username Thetis, but it was taken. It wasn't until later that I realized that it looks like The Tiss. Thetis is a Goddess, look her up. :) xo

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The Girls: The New EP by Natasha Lee